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The “Smart” Weston-style mechanical brake in action

¾ to 9 metric tonne capacity, extremely durable and lightweight lever hoist

KITO L5LB  Series Lever Hoists are built with premium grade components for long life in demanding industrial and contracting applications.  Featuring double-reduction gearing for reduced size and weight and the ability to withstand temperatures as low as-40°.

Product Overview


Patented compact, lightweight design
With a double reduction gearing and a patented induction hardening process on load bearing parts, the hoists strength is improved and the weight and size reduced.

ER2 Limit Switch

Durable, high-impact steel housing
The L5LB is built on a steel body frame, forged carbon steel hooks, and corrosion resistant load chain allowing it to stand up to the most demanding industrial and contracting applications. Load bearing parts are only stressed to 25% providing you with years of reliable service.

ER2 Friction Clutch

Open body design for easy inspection and cleaning
The open body design of the L5LB allows for easy inspection and cleaning without dismantling the unit.

Weston-style mechanical “smart” brake
From hook to hook, your safety dominates the L5LB lever hoist’s design. This hoist protects you with a Weston-style mechanical brake, a fail-safe freewheel system, and hooks that will not fracture under excessive load.

Fail-safe freewheel system
The L5LB is engineered to be easy to use and safe. Work faster by activating the fail-safe freewheel system which allows you to freely move the load chain and re-position the hook.

L5LB-standard-slip-clutchStandard or Slip Clutch models
Get the L5LB in the standard model or with a slip clutch which provides protection from overloads and costly damages on the job site.

Features and Benefits

✔  At rated capacity, load-bearing parts are only stressed to 25% of their limit
✔  Patented induction hardening process on load bearing parts increases strength and rigidity of the frame
✔  Abrasion and corrosion resistant load chain made from heat-treated steel for uniform strength 
✔  Articulating top hook allows you to properly centre the load
✔  Forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load
✔  Protective guard around the chain pin for enhanced safety
✔  Safety tip latch design is thicker for increased durability is notched to securely align with the hook tip
✔  Reliable Weston-style mechanical brake design holds the load securely
✔  Five-star thread on brake ensures a level braking surface to ease load break-out
✔  Double-reduction gearing requires minimum manual power for operation
✔  Spring-loaded freewheel for quick and easy hook positioning
✔  360° handle rotation for a sure grip from any operating position
✔  Compact design for lightweight portability
✔  High-impact steel housing has similar weight to aluminum due to compact design
✔  Sealed gears and brake are protected against damage from dust and water
✔  Cap nuts protect exposed bolts from damage

Watch video on the Weston-Style mechanical brake design 



Optional Slip Clutch

Canada’s most reliable lever hoist is now available with an optional slip clutch. The unique slip clutch mechanism protects the hoist from damage in the event of an excessive overload without increasing the size of the unit.

How it Works

1.  The slip clutch engages when an excessive overload is detected

2. The load remains stationary and secure regardless of any additional hand
force applied

3. This function limits the degree to which the hoist is overloaded

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Technical Information


✔  ASME B30.21 Safety Standard
✔  ASME HST-3 Performance Standard
✔  125% of rated capacity test load
✔  Grade 100, Corrosion Resistant Chain